Demolition Workflows

On-water and underwater demolition can be complex, the dynamic nature of a marine environment, has meant that many land-based workflows are not possible on water. For marine demolition contractors facing deconstruction of bridgework, caissons, foundations, piles, jetties, marinas, platforms, breakwater, armor rock and more, safety must be the primary concern. But productivity, environmental compliance and efficiency soon follow.

New technology is empowering teams to perform at new standards of excellence. Underwater visualization tools enables productivity improvements such as:

  • Greater precision when using rockbreaking tools such as hydraulic hammers, breakers
  • Single-pass precision debris recovery
  • Small object recovery (the size of a football)
  • 24 hour operation

Product list:

  • Machine Control for Backhoe Excavator Dredges
  • Machine Control for Clamshell Crane Dredges